Camping at June Lake - The Infinite Ending Photography

Camping at June Lake

The Above Photo was taken from our campsite. Nothing like seeing the sun light this up in the morning!

Just be sure to Book in advance. The spots with the best view fill up about a year in advance. There are Bear Lockers, which may be scary to some. We didn't see any bears. Lots of deer though. And hundreds of chipmunks. The campsite warns you that the chipmunks are disease carriers, so to avoid them. 

Map of June Lake's Oh! Ridge campground

It was about a 5 and a half hour drive for us. It's such a beautiful stretch of landscape driving through the Sierras. It really makes me wonder what awe was struck into those who first stumbled across it as they were exploring.

Of course, driving past Death Valley, you realize that that your car window is hot, and your air conditioning in your car is struggling to compete. Just a very long stretch where you may not want to stop, even if there was someplace to stop. There are a few towns here and there, but eyes on the road, and keep going a little longer.  And hope that the 4 year old in the back seat doesn't say those infamous words: "I have to go potty."

There were deer whom walked by, within 10 feet of our campsite every morning while we got the fire going for breakfast.

Wake up at 5 a.m. and start making a fire for breakfast, and get the portable camp stove brewing up some water. I don't think I've ever been in such a situation where I've enjoyed, so thoroughly, a hot cup of joe with some grounds floating in it. You really can't help waking up so early, because once the sun hits your tent, it's game over... Too bright, too hot.

We've taken our second camping trip now to June Lake, which has served as home base for further exploring. This time, getting to share the experience with a 4 year old, who has never been camping before was wonderful.

She especially liked the lake. Ok, she LOVED the lake. The water was cold, but in the hot sun, even putting your feet into the clear water was refreshing. She wanted to live at the lake.

This dog was always waiting to drive somewhere. He was sitting there almost every time I walked by.

The sunsets were beautiful, of course, although they just disappeared behind the mountain. Sunset meant that the camping experience was about to get turned up to 11. Three ingredients needed here: 1. Campfire. 2. Smores. 3. Stars.

There's nothing like sitting around a campfire. Swooping down were some flying creatures. Most of them bats, although the lighter ones were actually large moth trying to get our lantern. Nothing scary, just nature doing what it does. It was so quiet, that you could hear the wind through the trees. There were no sounds of cars, and no lights from the city. And if you wait a few hours, you truly understand what inspired our ancestors thousands of years ago.

And this is what it's all about. This photo is enhanced to show the milky way a little better, although, it does not even come close to being able to capture what you see with your eyes. There are so many visible stars, that it becomes a task just to find the big dipper. This photo was taken at about midnight, which should be prime time for it.