Olowalu, Auau channel Beach - The Infinite Ending Photography


Olowalu, Auau channel Beach

Ok, so we were going to go snorkeling here. I ended up having some severe anxiety issues trying to breathe through a small tube. I managed to work through that anxiety pretty fast once I lost my wedding ring in the coral. I spent about 30 minutes or so looking for it. 

I did manage to get some footage of fish with my phone. I left the Canon in the car. I did not have waterproof protection for it. But I will leave you with these pictures of the sand here. It was hypnotizing.

This was the first part of our trip, and it was off to a real rough start.

Happy anniversary.

Now I want to make sure you understand that while this seems like an awful way for this story to start, I can assure you that this moment is like having a pimple when your a teenager. At the moment you think it's the worst thing that could happen, but later, you  laugh at it.

Now This beach is where we went snorkeling. There was some winter weather making the usual snorkeling spots a bit too dangerous. I lost my Wedding ring at this beach. I managed to get some video in the water of some fish with my phone, but I left the good gear in the car.


Black and white sand