The Road From Hana - The Infinite Ending Photography


The Road From Hana

The rest of these were shot from the car window. We only stopped once to get some shots of the rainbow you saw in the earlier section. I shot quite a few, and there are many on this page. I don't feel like many of these are amazing photos... however, together they help paint a picture of what this drive looks like, and felt it was important to show. This has been a mixture of some of my finest work, alongside photos that they should not be next to, however, for the sake of storytelling, and for the sake of everything I felt and thought along the way, I'm going to just let it go.

Please take a moment to look through these. It was such a peaceful, and beautiful drive. 

The Shaka guide app we were listening to started telling us the history of Hawaii throughout the long drive back, and it was a great way to end the journey. I think we both connected with the island, and the spirit of the the people on this trip. I hope you get a chance to go as well.