Waianapanapa - The Infinite Ending Photography



Black Sand Beach


So before I go and start showing you some of my favorite shots of the trip, I feel like I need to explain a few things. I probably don't have to, but please keep reading and play along for now.

By the time we got here, we were pretty hungry. It was about noon, and we had hit the road at about 7am. We were not even to Hana yet. It was close though. 

There was a nice park here, with shade. We had a little picnic. It was very nice and peaceful. These cats were roaming around looking for scraps. And of course I can't resist, and I make a noise that I know will attract a cat. My wife was not pleased that this jungle-flea infested cat is now walking toward us.



I Ignored the cat and it wandered off to a more promising chance for food.

I tried very hard to get a shot of these. I Thin they are mongoose. There's a funny story when you look it up. They were brought here to clean up a rat problem, but they admit it was a huge mistake because they don't hunt at night. They hunt chicken instead.

I was texting my sister now that we had one bar of cellular data. I told her I was going to get a picture of this cat-snake.

Here's another map.

I'm going to try my best to ease you into this one. Now this place was very amazing. 

When you first walk down the concrete stairs, you notice that the sand is black.


The Black Sand Beach.

Picking it up, you notice that it's not a very fine grain, but instead more like small pebble sized. It's mostly smooth though, from the water breaking down those edges over time. There were several people on the beach, as the shape of this was very much like a wave pool. All of the water was funneled into this little cove of sorts. It was awesome. We stayed for just a few minutes, and proceeded up some rocks, and things just kept looking better.

This was all "Bread Crumbs"

I have to admit I don't like this photo. It has some interesting mosslike vines in it though, so enjoy the mossy vinage.

I also didn't bother to crop out the people. Maybe it's nice to have them there for scale. But perhaps these people were only a few inches tall. That would sure throw it off.

A sea-arch is always cool to see.

Now we started seeing an overwhelming amount of this super-green plant. Placed against the dark rock was truly spectacular!


You look up, and this is what you see!

Un - Fricken - Believable

I was looking for some glowing eyes. The Predator would love to see this place.

I wasn't even sure if this was all real. It was so different than anything iv'e ever experienced. It really felt like a dream. It was surreal. The color, the temperature, the water, the wind. Everything was perfect. Everything.

But we were getting tired.

Pinch me

By the way, if you are prone to sunburn. Get what's called a Rash Guard. They are typically used for surfers. They keep the sun off of you, and they still let air and moisture through. I had one and wore it every day. I would have been a tomato if my wife had not bought me one!

It's gotta be just a dream

I can stay here

I could live on this rock right here.

So this batch right here are all squares, and together they form a panoramic. This is the perfect way to get a panoramic, but not have a huge frame to ship, and even extend the image around corners. Each one of these squares was made from several photos. There is an incredible amount of detail. Some had been cropped off, but in it's entirety, this panoramic was made from 107 photos.

Buy a few, or the whole set!

The rest of these are a few shots from my phone, but though they were still worth showing.

By this point, we had been sweating, hiking, and out in the sun. We started walking back to the car... dragging. 

Luckily this park has a tree of shower heads... felt nice to walk up to it and get a blast of cool water to the face. I felt like I had seen everything at this point. I wasn't even sure if I wanted any more. I was starting to feel tired from experiencing such amazement.