Wailua Falls - The Infinite Ending Photography


Wailua Falls

To be honest, most of this trip has been stuff that I feel just doesn't translate to photo as well as I'd hope. This particular place especially didn't. Well, perhaps though because i only managed to get these 3 shots from this location. 

There's a story behind that.

When I first got out of the car, there were several people on the bridge, trying to take pictures, and it was a one lane bridge that cars were also trying to use. 

I decided to stop and get a shot of this moss here. I loved this stuff. 

I changed lenses again back to the wide angle. I was done with lugging around the 70-200 (the bazooka). I got a few shots from the bridge... and noticed some dude in a bright pink shirt climbing down from the bridge, and closer to the waterfall... at first I thought "Dude is ruining my shoot". My wife must have seen that in my eyes, because she then told me that I can go over there too... but to be careful.

Ok, I know I ended the last paragraph with "be careful"... Nobody got hurt. I'll just lay that out right now. That was not intended to build suspense. And to note, my wife wasn't giving me permission... I just like to follow rules, and I wasn't sure if someone was allowed to go where the dude was walking. I think I was expecting tons of Burbank police to swarm in as soon as his foot stepped off of the bridge. She was essentially letting me know that I should not have any anxiety about trespassing by going over there. She knows me well.

I started climbing down, and I waited for the dude in the pink shirt to emerge before I walked closer. He said something to me, but I can't recall what it was... I think I just cheerfully replied "Yea, this is awesome!" and he was smiling. I was too busy thinking about how I was going to get a cool shot, and not get hurt. I took the three photos used to make the image at the top. I started to shoot from another vantage point, and my camera beeped. 

Ok, now that was intended as a suspense builder. I looked at the screen on the camera, and it said "Memory Card Error" and where it usually says how many photos you'd taken... it said "-1".

I turned off the camera, and back on (I have experience in IT) and got the same results. Suddenly realizing that I had shot for the last maybe 10 hours on this 32GB card, and it had been nearly full, my legs wobbled a bit. I nearly ate rock trying to climb out from where I was, suppressing tears.

As I crossed the bridge, my wife asked with a smile if I got any shots... I'm not sure how I responded. I think I showed her the error message... I was in shock I think. I started telling her "Thats ok... I got some good shots yesterday... it wasn't a complete waste to bring the camera gear." I think her hearing that put it into perspective. We got into the car and she started crying. I tried the camera once again, and showed her the error message. She was telling me how she just wanted everything to be perfect. I let her know that everything was perfect as I looked around out the window of the parked car in the jungle.

I think it was this moment on our journey that I truly did just let go.

This is what was waiting for me on this journey, the road to Hana.

The hard lesson of letting things go.

I looked around, and I told her with full honesty, that it was ok. "I got some shots with my phone, and I know I'll remember what I saw forever". I accepted that some of the best photos I had ever taken were gone, and to just let it go, and enjoy life. I held my wife's hand real snug, you know the way you do when it's sort of like a hug infused with holding hands.

The very start of the trip, i had some celebs kid screaming in my ear, kicking my seat behind me on the plane, and generally, I don't even fit in the seat and flying is painful for me to begin with. The resort had not been up front about all costs involved, and we had to pay them nearly all of our food money with these fees that they told us about once we had flown 2,500 miles. I lost my wedding ring, and had more issues with anxiety than I'd like to have had. I had a cat hair covering all the photos from the first day of shooting. We had not been able to eat at restaurants... just the local supermarkets. And now this happened...

But, now, finally none of it mattered. I was in a beautiful place, with someone I share love with, and we are both doing just fine. 

I smiled.

I had an idea. I let go of her hand in an instant.( which probably did not help her state of emotions, but I tend to get excited about things that only happen in my head, and she knows that about me).. I grabbed my camera, and pulled out the memory card, popped it back in and closed the little door for the card with a click. I hit the power switch, and everything came up normally. I hit the Preview button, and there were my photos.

"it's OK!"

I shouted, but she was still crying. "I fixed it!" and gave her some comfort. "Everything is OK!"

I pulled out the memory card, and popped it into it's protective case, and then put that into my camera bag. Popped in a new card, and and closed the little card door. We took a moment, and then slowly started to pull out, and head to our last destination before turning around.