Bodie - The Infinite Ending Photography

Bodie pt. 1: Arrival

The first ten miles of the road were paved, the last 3, however, were not. Just a simple meandering dirt road, with a cliff on one side. You can see Mono Lake from the dirt road which is your only way to have any idea where you are. It has taken at least an hour, maybe two to get this far.

The Trip there always seems longer than the trip back... Especially the dirt road part. The dirt road is plowed in the winter by a huge snowplow with tank treads, like they use in Antarctica. These tank treads dig into the dirt road and create a ripple pattern on the road that makes an unpleasant drive with a beautiful view.

Our second time there, we were greeted by this bird, who stood at my feet talking to me. This bird demanded some goods of some kind, and was not afraid to ask.

When You First arrive at Bodie, it appears to be just a smattering of rickety little shacks scattered about. You can see a Large factory looking building on the hill, and you think, "I'll bet that's where they worked."

 First things first, hand the guy some money, and park the car. As you approach, You are greeted by the restroom, and maps, as well as a warning not to take anything from Bodie, due to it's cursed nature.

There are letters you can read, from people sending items back, and apologizing, although too late, because these items, sometimes as small as a piece of glass, or a flower, had ruined their life. Leave Bodie alone. Let this cursed place be as it is.

I talked to an older gentleman who was at his car, drinking some kind of generic soda. He was telling me that he hadn't been there in 30 years. The last time he was there, none of the roads were paved, there was no bathroom, and it was not a state park.

You see a bunch of large, rusted machinery scattered around as you approach from the parking lot. I love these things... it's fun to try to identify what they are, or what they were used for, and wonder if any of it would still work to any capacity.

Machinery of Bodie

Old Wood, and rust are the two main materials you'll see here.

The color Palette here is simple. Yellowing green plants everywhere, blue sky, and various hues of brown, red brown, and even a dash of some magenta and purple hidden in the metal's petina on the rooftops. Some of the buildings have metal fastened to the side, as a heavy duty repair. What happened here?

The Colors of Bodie