Bodie pt. 3 - The Infinite Ending Photography

Bodie pt. 3 : Capturing the mood.

This was the first batch of photos I processed and edited from the Bodie trip. At the time, I was in love with HDR, and the ability to really bring out the grit, and texture in an image... and I went with it. I wasn't used to being in this harsh environment, and I wanted to images to showcase what a harsh, and lonely place this was.

Now the next time I processed them, I went for more of a look preserving color, depth, and realism.

This smaller batch is my favorite. I did these 4 yeas after taking the photos. I combined several techniques to get these. Each one took quite a while, but I love them. I was trying to get a very dramatic look, while preserving color. To make it a little more mysterious, and ominous.