Bodie pt.6 - The Infinite Ending Photography

Bodie pt. 6: Leaving Bodie

Leaving Bodie goes a lot quicker than arriving.

The problem is that it's at a time of day, when the sun is hitting the clouds and the mountain just right, and creates such a stunning view, that you just want to stop again and look... well, at least I did.

The shot above, was constructed from maybe around 12 images total. My wife stopped the Ford Excursion, and got out and stood on the roof to get this. I'm very glad we stopped.

I think that the high level of dust in the air contributes to the high visibility of sunbeams through the clouds... they weren't as obvious on our second trip here.

Probably the widest panoramic I've ever done. Probably not something anyone will ever have allspice for, but this one was done on our second trip. Not as much cloud cover this time, but still an amazing view. No camera can truly capture the beauty of being there.