Arrival - The Infinite Ending Photography


As you fly in...

As you fly in, and if you were lucky enough to look out a window, you'll get to see a wonderful approach. The whole island system was hiding under a giant blanket of clouds and we could not see the island until we dipped down and around. You can first see the wind power towers along the edge of the volcano.

Landing in paradise

Once you leave the plane, and walk through the airport, you immediately smell flowers, and the sweet hawaiian air. It's immidiate, and it's wonderful. The airport has walls, and floors, but most of where you'd expect glass, is none. There are no windows, just open air, and it's wonderful.

If you go to rent a car nearby, you'll also notice the wild chicken population. Very beautiful birds, but strange to see so many of them walking around. It was about an hour drive to get from the Airport to our Hotel/Resort/Condo (I'm not sure what it was called, but it was nice).

To get there, we had to drive between the two volcanos, and then a long drive along the Honoapiiani Highway, with a spectacular view of the Ocean, and Lanai. The Sun setting over the West Maui volcano is spectacular. It's not as nice as an unobstructed View of it though. We stayed at Papakea Rosort in Lahaina. We could see the ocean from our condo. I'm going to just call it a condo now. There was a seawall, and the waves would smash against it and spray you if you were sunbathing close to the wall. Oh, and yea, these flower petals were just laying on the ground.

Some of the flowers in the resort. 

And this is just the thing... the foliage here, is quite amazing.

This was just laying on the ground.

The view from the lounge chairs at the seawall. I'm not sure why it's not called an Oceanwall.

So I still haven't shown you any of the good photos yet, so I'll get this show moving...

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