The Road to Olivine Pools - The Infinite Ending Photography


The Road to Olivine Pools

A few hours earlier, I had lost my wedding ring in the coral, amidst having a fun blown panic attack trying to snorkel. It was really messing with me, as that ring meant a lot to me. 

I was obsessed with the ring. I actually made a joke to my wife that I had to find "the precious". You have to say it like Golem does in the movie when you read that, so if you didn't, then go back and try it again. 

Once we got away from "the city" and we got into this area... I didn't even care where we were going. I told her that I would be perfectly content looking out the car window, because it was simply that amazing. These narrow windy roads, and thick foliage. Almost nothing was brown with decay. Almost no dirt showing. It was all green. This area is beautiful, and I wish I had stopped somewhere that I could have done some better photos. We didn't stop, as I was busy thinking about my ring, and my wife insisted that this was "bread crumbs". 

When she says "Bread Crumbs", what she's saying is that this is nice and all, but the main course is yet to come. It's a way to say "Don't waste your time with this, it's nothing compared to what you are about to see". 

She said this to me with great approval from the group I was with at Yosemite. When she says "Bread crumbs", I don't bother looking for a place to pull over.

I was very lucky, in that my wife can get a little carsick if she's not driving. Maybe it's a polite way to say my driving is no good, but most likely not, since she trusts me to drive the kids around. I was able to just sit and look out the window. and gaze at all of this beauty unfolding in front of me.

I'm sure my wife will remember me freaking out about the beauty of it on the way. Maybe I wasn't vocal about it, and was just screaming in my head. I was relaxed, but the creative side of me was completely loving this. I was ready to go and capture some of it.

I had my typical argument in my head. Now, photographers will get this completely, and laugh, but this happens every time you want to grab your camera and go shoot something...

What gear to bring with on foot? Which lens? Extra memory cards? Will 4 batteries be enough? Tripod? Backpack? Remote? It al has weight. And especially since you are now trying to find out how to do photography with a back injury in your not too distant past, does this part become more crucial. I wanted to use my 70-200mm L series. I love this lens. I also brought a 50mm Macro, and a 20mm wide angle. I actually brought the tripod with me, but didn't use it.

The possibility of dealing with back pain increases exponentially with each ounce I put above my waist. I was using some new belt/holster for the camera. This was so amazing to keep the weight off my back. I had a tripod with, and I attached a strap to it, and flung it over my shoulder.

I think I made a few more attempts to get in the car, being as unsure as I was to what I wanted to bring with. This is part of the "Stupid Photographer" condition you will hear about.