Waikani Falls - The Infinite Ending Photography


Waikani Falls

This place was great. after driving past, we were quickly able to get a small spot to park. 

The rules here are simple. When you get to one of the one-lane bridges, you slow down. One side has a yield sign. Several cars moved aside so that they could let traffic through as they should. Some older woman in a rav4 decided that they were moving for her and she proceeded to pull past all of them, ignoring that there was a huge truck already ON the bridge. She nearly hit a pedestrian, which I'll admit, should be a little closer to the side. I looked her in the eye and shook my head. She then pulled up to ask what she did wrong, and as she stopped to talk to me the honking started. The locals must get annoyed of this kind of thing. My biggest shock was that she was alone. Don't do this journey alone. Have someone with you, so you can take turns driving... and someone to help navigate.

These leaves below to the left... were huge. The ones near the bottom, were really looking like they were from Avatar. We both agreed they could take our weight if we jumped and landed on them. We didn't.

I didn't really get any shots here I truly loved, however it was still a cool spot.

Ok, so here's some more textures for you.

The bridges were all covered in moss, fungi, and who knows what else. The cement, stone, and who knows what materials have now become a whole new ecosystem.

Except this one... I like this one.

You could spot a few flowers from where we were. We were up quite high here.